Before you arrive at one of our Jackson County Courthouse locations to update your Individual Personal Property (vehicle) account and/or to pay your taxes (or other Collection transaction); please consider doing your transaction through email.

When visiting in person you must check in first. You can text “jcmo kc” for the Kansas City Office or  “jcmo ind” for the Independence Office to 816-844-6672 to reserve your place in line.

You can also place yourself in the Kansas City line by clicking Kansas City Qless Kiosk or the Independence line by clicking Independence Qless Kiosk.

When we are experiencing a high volume of customers (property owners) in line you may be unable to put yourself in line using QLess.  If this is the case, you may still be able to join the line in-person by proceeding to one of the two Jackson County Courthouses. When you arrive at the Courthouse, please check in with the receptionist for the IPP Assessment/Collection staff on the first floor near the main entry doors and ask to be put in line.

Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday, 8AM through 5PM. Our hours of operation do not change, even if you are currently unable to put yourself in line with QLess.

About the Department

The Collection Department collects and accounts for approximately $905 million in tax revenues for more than 70 taxing jurisdictions, such as cities, school districts, etc., located within Jackson County. Depending on the time of year, our staff assists more than 36,000 taxpayers monthly.

Looking to use Jackson County property data for research instead of paying a tax bill?

Try utilizing Jackson County’s Ascend Web application from a Google Chrome internet browser: Ascend Web..

Senior Quad Payment Program

Jackson County offers Senior Citizens a "Quad Payment Program" to spread their County real estate tax bills over 4 payments. Visit the program page to learn more about this option for seniors.

Delinquent Tax Unit

The Delinquent Tax Unit pursues collection of property taxes on approximately 50,000 delinquent accounts, prepares the annual delinquent tax suit and coordinates the subsequent sale.

Cash Receipts Unit

The Cash Receipts Unit collects, deposits, and records all County revenue.  

More Questions

  • For individual personal property tax questions call (816) 881-1330.
  • For business personal property tax questions call (816) 881-4672.
  • For real property tax questions call (816) 881-3530.
  • For general tax questions, call (816) 881-3232.
  • For questions related to a pending BOE appeal, call (816) 881-3309.

Telephones are staffed during normal business hours.