Browning Road Bridge

The completion of the Browning Bridge located near Greenwood marks a mile-stone for the Public Works department. This was the last low water crossing in the unincorporated Jackson County roadway system to be replaced. A low-water crossing provides a dry surface to cross a stream when the stream is at a normal flow and the water flows over the structure during high-flow conditions causing a road closure.

bridge2The Browning Road Bridge crossing was replaced with two cell concrete box culverts to help water flow through James A. Reed Park. The new structure was designed to handle the 100 Year flood volume of runoff. These improvements are under the jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers and are subject to Federal and State regulations under The Clean Water Act of 1977. Funding For the project was provided through the State Off-System Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (BRO).

Redford Construction, Inc. was awarded the bid for the project in February 2017. The project broke ground in April and had minor road closures throughout construction. Browning Road Bridge was completed at the end of June. Browning Road Bridge was completed on time and on budget.