Training the Unskilled and/or Unemployed

Jackson County Constructing Futures is committed to providing the unskilled, underskilled, unemployed and/or underemployed an opportunity to learn construction skills on the job through performing the restoration work of vacant homes. These individuals receive hands-on training using equipment and building materials. This is precisely the kind of training they'll need to secure long-term employment in construction.

Some of the construction apprentices trained through the program were formerly incarcerated; others have gone through Jackson County's Drug Court system.

Getting Back to Work

The Missouri Department of Corrections has released an average of 19,712 inmates per year during the last decade. The ability find and maintain employment is vital to reducing recidivism. State Department of Correction figures show that among those individuals who successfully complete probation or parole, 73% are employed.
Man receiving on-the-job training.
Jackson County has a significant interest in trying to rehabilitate ex-prisoners. According to the Missouri Department of Corrections' 2011 Profile of the Institutional and Supervised Offender Population, there were 3,578 people from Jackson County being held in the state's prisons. Based on those figures, one can assume that many of the more than 19,000 inmates that the state Department of Corrections releases each year will be returning to Jackson County. Helping more of these individuals become productive citizens is a matter of public safety.