A New Form of Government: 1973 - Present

New County Charter
Jackson County voters adopted the current Charter in 1970, creating a new form of government featuring administrative departments headed by appointed personnel under an elected Legislature, with 1 elected County Executive.

These are the individuals elected to serve as legislators or the County Executive since the first elections under the current Charter were held in November of 1972. Appointments to fill vacancies are included in parentheses.

Prior to the new charter, Jackson County government was governed by a 3-seat legislative body called the “Jackson County Court.”

Transition to New Government
These individuals were elected in November of 1972 to serve 2-year terms as part of the transition to the new form of government. Starting in November of 1974, legislators and the County Executive have been elected to 4-year terms.

During this administration, the number of legislative districts was reduced from 11 to 6.

Turn of the Century
Jackson County’s 175th Anniversary was celebrated in 2001. Several activities and programs were developed and promoted as part of this landmark event.

Courthouse Restoration
Extensive preservation measures to restore the 1933 Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City began during this administration.

The first phase of restoration work on Truman’s Courthouse on Independence Square was another historic preservation project of this Jackson County government. While no longer used as a seat of government or justice, City and County government recognized the importance of this Jackson County landmark. Two more phases of work are planned and additional funding is being sought by the City of Independence, Jackson County government, and local public and private sources to continue the restoration and adaptive reuse of Truman’s Courthouse into a Visitors Center.

Facility Renovations
The renovation and expansion of the Truman Sports Complex was 1 Jackson County project commenced during this administration.

Additionally, the 2 properties owned by Jackson County and leased by Truman Medical Center (TMC) have enjoyed recent expansion and remodeling programs for the benefit of County citizens.

The County’s dedication to caring for its indigent is a tradition of compassion that dates back to at least 1852, when the first site was acquired (today TMC-Lakewood).