Rediscover Your Library

You'll save money. You'll also help save resources by using your local library for books, CDs and other media you'll likely only use once.

Why buy small mountains of books, CDs, DVDs and magazines, especially ones you may only read, watch or listen to 1 time? Instead, save some money and get a library card.
Library Book Shelves
Save Paper
Among the materials most rapidly taking up space in our landfills is paper. Plus, paper's environmental footprint is gigantic, from cutting down trees to the heavy use of water, chemicals and energy during processing. Furthermore, paper can only be recycled so many times before the paper fibers break down.

Save Resources
CDs and DVDs, as well as other media, are made of nonrenewable petroleum products. This makes these items difficult to recycle.

Many people are filling their homes with books, CDs and other materials that are rarely used. Too often, these materials end up in the trash. View a list of recycling centers in the Greater Kansas City area.

More Information
So, "check out" your local library. There might even be a just a short walk or bicycle ride from your home. Libraries can also be great sources of social interaction and often offer enrichment classes and computer series.