Junk Your Junk Mail

The production and disposal of direct mail consumes over 100 million trees, 28 billion gallons of water and more energy than 3 million cars. In 2005 alone, 5.8 million tons (enough to fill over 450,000 garbage trucks) of catalogs and other direct mailings ended up in U.S. landfills.

We don't ask for it, but we all get it. Junk Mail.

Stop Your Junk Mail
On average, every U.S. citizen receives about 560 pieces of junk mail every year. If you are getting more junk mail than you care to read, here are some resources to guide you through reducing this waste:
  • New American Dream provides a simple online form to reduce junk mail
  • Eco-Cycle - provides basic junk mail reducing strategies and steps, including:
    • Removing your name from marketing mailing lists
    • Knowing the "magic words" to avoid winding up on even more mailing lists
    • Ending credit card solicitations
    • Stopping delivery of catalogs and contest entries
    • Dialing out to avoid receiving unwanted phone books
  • Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Consumer Information and Preference Service provides basic how-to information for removing your name from mailing, telemarketing and email lists.
  • CatalogChoice stops unwanted catalogs within 10 weeks.
Remember if you can't stop all the junk mail you receive, do the right thing and recycle it!

Hold on to the Good Stuff
Finally, you don't have to lose the "good stuff" just because you're junking the junk. Contact your favorite companies and request that your name and address appear on their "in-house" list only. Or find out if they have an online catalog and request email notification only for special sales events. Don’t forget to give the printed catalogs and magazines you do receive a second life before recycling by sharing with friends, neighbors, work break room or waiting room; just be sure to remove any personal identifiers first such as address or account number. Courtesy of Bridging the Gap.