Environmental Programs

Doing More With Less
The public expects government to be good stewards of our environment, and Jackson County remains fully committed to that principle even during an unprecedented and ongoing budget crisis.

Although nothing tests an organization’s commitment to being green quite like a shrinking budget, our employees are passing that test by reorganizing and continuing our award-winning environmental programs - at a savings to taxpayers.

In fact - Jackson County isn’t just continuing our environmental leadership - we’re expanding!
Jackson County Recycling Bin
Recycling Locations
Recycling of aluminum cans and plastic bottles is now available at 42 locations in our Jackson County Parks. Park patrons can now recycle at 3 marinas, 36 park shelters and 3 game field complexes. This project catapults Jackson County into a leading position for Park recycling programs in the Midwest.

Performance Analysis
Jackson County is conducting a performance analysis of all county activities with strong citizen support.

Such a comprehensive effort requires a good hard look at the status quo: what works, what doesn’t, and what can work even better with improvements. This strengthens our environmental values, because stewardship requires not only the preservation and responsible use of natural resources, but also fiscal and operational accountability.

County Employees Play Crucial Role
The credit for Jackson County’s Environmental success has always gone to our Jackson County employees.

Now our employees are doing more than ever before to protect and preserve our environment. Jackson County employees don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk.

More Information
For more information about recycling and other environmental programs, visit the Bridging The Gap page.