County Legislature

Listen to weekly legislative meetings live at 877-873-8018.

COVID-19 Update:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking action to minimize attendance at the weekly meetings of the Jackson County Legislature. If attendance is not essential, you can access audio at the time of the meeting by dialing 877-873-8018, access code 9882166 or you may watch the video as soon as it is posted after the meeting on the county’s website at

During this time of health emergency, we will also be prudent with our business agenda, deferring action when feasible, and we will not be accepting public comments on matters not related to the agenda items for this emergency period. If you have information or comments related to any item on the agenda that you would like to have presented to the Jackson County Legislature, we encourage you to submit that information in writing, rather than appear at the meeting. If you wish to submit information, please email comments/statements to before noon on the Friday prior to the legislative meeting. If you are unable to email comments, you may call 816-881-3240 and leave a message for Mary Jo Spino, Clerk of the County Legislature. Thank you for your cooperation in this challenging time.


The County Legislature is responsible for all legislative duties in the County, including the introduction and enaction of all County resolutions. They are also responsible for the introduction and enaction of all County ordinances subject to the approval or veto of the County Executive. A veto by the Executive can be overridden by six votes of the Legislature.


Six County Legislators are elected from six local districts of similar size, each representing about 1/6 of the County’s constituents. Three County Legislators are elected from three "at-large" districts of similar size. Every citizen in Jackson County is there-by represented by two County Legislators. View the individual Legislator's page for more details, including contact information....


The County Legislature meets on Mondays at 10:00 am at the Courthouse in Kansas City except for holidays and when rescheduled due to conflicts.
Dan Tarwater

2021 Legislative

Dan Tarwater III
(4th District)
Jackson County Legislator Ron Finley
2021 Legislative 
Ronald E. Finley
(2nd District)
Scott Burnett
(1st District)

Jackson County Legislator Charlie Franklin
(3rd District)
Jackson County Legislator Jeanie Lauer
(5th District)
Theresa Galvin
(6th District)
Jackson County Legislator Jalen Anderson
(1st District At-Large)
Crystal Williams
(2nd District At-Large)
Tony Miller
(3rd District At-Large)