Stone Arch Bridge Renovations

May 2014
Declaring the iconic structure "good to go for another 50 years," Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders joined with Independence Mayor Eileen Weir to rededicate the Stone Arch Bridge during a special ceremony Wednesday, May 28.

In addition to replacing the overpass's roadway, the Public Works Department reinforced the stone wall, installed periodic rod iron fencing for safety and applied sealant to the stone-facing to extend its life. New lights were also put in place to showcase the bridge's face at night.

The project came in under the budgeted amount of $378,475. It was designed to be included as part of the Truman Road Green Gateway Project, a plan Jackson County and Mid-American Regional Council are developing to enhance the Truman Road corridor.

Traffic on the Stone Arch Bridge reopened May 1 - exactly 6 months after work on the renovations began September 30, 2013.

February 2014
Lights and a decorative rail have been added to the bridge in the last couple of months. The work for the lights and the rail was done intermittently because of challenging weather conditions this year. Shoulder and road reconstruction still need to be completed. This will be done in the spring as weather permits.

November 2013
The unwanted trees and vegetation have been removed from the face of the bridge. Hydromulch, which has fescue seed in it has been applied to help with erosion and to green the area. The caps have been removed from the parapets and forms are being constructed for new concrete. Blue Ridge Boulevard over Truman Road will probably remain closed for all of November and a couple of weeks into December, depending on weather conditions.

October 2013
Truman Road will be reduced to 2 lanes at the Stone Arch Bridge starting October 8. The lanes will only be closed during non-peak hours (approximately 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.). Approximately 1 week later, Blue Ridge Boulevard will be closed where it crosses Truman Road for replacement. It will remain closed for the duration of the project which is expected to be completed around the 1st of December.

The design work was done with consideration for the Truman Road Green Gateway Project. This corridor study is being funded by Jackson County and a Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) grant.

Bridge History
The Stone Arch Bridge (originally built in 1906) is the section of Blue Ridge Boulevard that crosses Truman Road in unincorporated Jackson County between Kansas City and Independence. Glen Dvorak and Gary Russell of the Jackson County Public Works Department are doing the design work.

The arch of the bridge was coated with concrete in the early 2000s because some of the stones were becoming loose and falling onto Truman Road below. Current improvements call for the roadway over the bridge to be replaced and the sidewalls to be recapped. Wrought iron fence, selected for its period look, will be added atop the walls to enhance safety for walkers and bicyclists. A sealant will be applied to the exposed stone faces to help extend the life of the structure. Lights will be added to showcase the face of the bridge at night and some of the trees at the base of the original structure will be removed.

The bridge will be closed for approximately 2 months starting in late July or early August.

Please view photos of the project in our online photo gallery!

Glen Dvorak, Project Manager: 816-881-4499

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