Community Mental Health Fund Board


The 15-member Community Mental Health Fund Board provides administrative control and management of the Community Mental Health Fund.


  • The County Executive appoints a 15-member voting board.
  • One member must be a licensed physician.
  • A majority of the providers must not be from the health care profession.
  • At least 1 voting member must represent each of the 4 Department of Mental Health "catchment" areas within Jackson County, but not a majority of voting members from any 1 area.
  • Missouri State law requires that at least 5 members of the board shall represent consumers of psychiatric services or their families.
  • One non-voting member serves.
Member Term Expires
Jacquelyn C. Moore Sept. 30, 2022
Gary Thompson Sept. 30, 2022
Marsha Campbell Sept. 30, 2023
Rochelle Harris Sept. 30, 2023
Alice Kitchen Sept. 30, 2024
Darcia L. Moore Sept. 30, 2024
Joy J. Payne Sept. 30, 2024
Mercedes Mora Sept. 30, 2024
Sandra E. Jiles Sept. 30, 2024