Mailing Address vs. Location

On your tax bill, personal property tax declaration or in reviewing your account online, you may notice there are references to "Mailing Address" and "Location" and you may not understand the differences in these labels.

Mailing Address
"Mailing Address" is simply where you have directed us to send communications, such as your tax bill or personal property declaration. Many times we obtain this address directly from the recorded deed of a piece of real property in the case of a real estate tax bill.

"Location" refers to the physical location of a parcel of real estate or the location to which your personal property is assigned. Location will be the street address of your home, apartment, etc.

Jackson County has been working with the cities to develop a true master address database with the benefit to ensure that taxes continue to be correctly taxed and then distributed to the proper jurisdiction. Cities in the County determine the addresses in their jurisdictions, while the County assigns address in the unincorporated areas.

Location Address Statements
When reviewing your account or documents, instead of the actual street address you feel is assigned to the property you may notice one of the following statements under the section marked Location Address:

Situa Verification in Progress

Situa Verification in Progress indicates the County is still attempting to determine the addressed assigned to a particular parcel of real estate.

No Address Provided by the Taxpayer
No address provided by the taxpayer indicates the taxpayer has not informed the County of a verifiable address to which their personal property can be found. The taxpayer can provide this information in the space provided on their yearly personal property tax declaration which will be mailed in mid January.

No Address by City
No address assigned by city indicates the city has not assigned a street address to a particular parcel of real estate / personal property or has not provided an assigned address to the County.

No Address by County
No address assigned by County indicates the County's Public Works Department has not assigned an address to a particular parcel of real estate / personal property in an unincorporated area of the County.

Questions or Concerns
If there are concerns about the address on your property, you may call the GIS Department at 816-881-4561. The GIS Department will communicate with your city to determine what the address should be and make changes if they are necessary.