Jackson County Detention Center & Regional Correctional Center

The Jackson County Detention Center (JCDC) houses adult inmates being held on state charges, while the Regional Correctional Center (RCC) is for adults with Kansas City, Missouri municipal violations. 

In 2015 the average daily population 780 inmates at the JCDC and 139 at the RCC for a 919 total. The total number of admissions to both Centers in 2015 was approximately 15,000, with releases numbering about the same. 

KCPD Holding Areas

The majority of people admitted to both JCDC and RCC were initially held as Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) arrestees on the ground floor of the JCDC Annex. In May 2015 the Jackson County Department of Corrections opened holding areas for KCPD arrestees, allowing the police department to close down the antiquated jail operation on the eighth
 floor of its headquarters at 12th and Locust -- a block from the JCDC. 

From May through December 2015, 10,873 arrestees were processed into ground floor holding for KCPD. 

Inmate Services

The Centers’ inmate populations and the KCPD arrestees are made up primarily of individuals from Jackson County and Kansas City. Those detained are under the custody of the Jackson County Department of Corrections, and the Department is legally bound to provide adequate housing, food, healthcare and a safe living environment. In addition, the Department provides mental health services for all inmates and arrestees. JCDC and RCC inmates also enjoy a wide variety of legal, educational and spiritual programming,

The Department of Corrections operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with just under 400 employees.  The 2015 adopted budget was just over $24 million and supported both state and municipal jail operations and the KCPD arrestee operation.  Facilities are located one block from the Jackson County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Presumption of Innocence

The American criminal justice systems presume an individual charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. A jail is not the same as a prison. Prisons are utilized for convicted felons – those who have been found guilty in a court of law. A county jail is utilized for the following:

  • confinement while an individual is going through the trial process, 
  • for those convicted and given short-term (12 months or less) sentences
  • probation violators
  • individuals being held on warrants for other jurisdiction
In 2015, the vast majority (81.2%) of inmates confined at the JCDC were involved in the trial process and, therefore, presumed innocent. 

Approximately 40% of the municipal average daily population has been found guilty and is serving a sentence at the RCC, while the other 60% are released after a municipal court hearing.

The KCPD arrestee population is quite transient and population numbers fluctuate throughout the day and night. This population is awaiting an initial court hearing, bonding out, or on hold for investigation. Few arrestees will be held for more than 24 hours.