Assessment Notices

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There are approximately 296,000 real estate parcels in Jackson County, Missouri. State law requires each county to reassess its real estate property every odd-numbered year (2015, 2017, etc.). Each reassessment is based on current fair market value - the price a willing buyer will pay a willing seller. Reassessment includes all real estate property (residential, agricultural and commercial) throughout Jackson County. In each reassessment year, all property owners will receive a value notice, even if the value on a particular parcel does not change.

An assessment notice is not a tax bill and does not set your taxes; it assigns an estimate of market value to your property. Local taxing jurisdictions such as school districts, cities, library districts and counties each set their own levies (tax rates). The exact impact upon your individual tax bill cannot be calculated until this fall when the taxing jurisdictions, including state and local governments set their final levies for the year.


The actual tax levies will be set this fall by your local school boards, city councils, water districts, fire districts, library districts, the County Legislature and other taxing jurisdictions. Your real property tax bill will be calculated based on the following general formula:

  • Market Value x Classification % = Assessed Value x Tax Levy (as determined by City, School District, etc.) = Tax Bill
Classification Percentages are:

  • Residential - 19%
  • Agricultural - 12%
  • Commercial and All Other - 32%

Board of Equalization (BOE) Appeals

For more information about Board of Equalization formal appeal policies and procedures, please visit the BOE webpage.