Health Order Enforcement

Jackson County Environmental Health Office has put the following enforcement guidelines in place for businesses and other entities who fail to follow the Jackson County Health Orders in Eastern Jackson County.


When a business or entity is reported to the Jackson County Environmental Health Office, the Office will investigate the complaint.  Upon verifying the complaint a warning is issued to the business/entity.  When a second complaint is submitted and verified a second warning is issued.  On the third complaint, once verified, the business is issued a ticket to appear in court.  A list of business/entities that have received tickets by  Environmental Health  can be found on the county’s website and are listed below.



      1. Complaint made by citizens
      2. Environmental Health investigates complaint
      3. Warning given to business
      4. Random check made for compliance.  2nd Warning issued if not in compliance.
      5. 2nd complaint made by a citizen
      6. Warning/ Ticket  issued
      7. Random check made for compliance.  Ticket issued if not in compliance.
      8. 3rd complaint made by a citizen
      9. Ticket Issued/Business/Entity closed for 24 hours
        Random checks for social distancing may be made by the Environmental Health Department at any time.

To date, the County has issued 5 tickets to local businesses for failure to comply.


10/8/20 – Ryan Waters  at Shredd  Gym – 308 SW Green St.  Lee’s Summit

11/23/20 – Ryan Waters at Shredd Gym – 308 SW Green St.  Lee’s Summit

11/25/20 – Andrew Haddadi at Cuddle Up Pup 951 Wildwood Drive Lees Summit

11/30/20 – Suzanne Pearce – Chucks Boots 346 SW Blue Parkway Lees Summit

12/01/2020 – Clement Danworth – Genesis Health 900 NE Deerbrooke Lee’s Summit

12/13/2020 – Stephanie Biggs- Misfits Bar and Grill – 1513 SW 7 Hwy Blue Springs


Additionally, all jurisdictions have been asked to help enforce the local health order.

The Jackson County Environmental Health Department is working with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, and will be sending enforcement teams throughout the region to help ensure the public health guidance is followed. The teams will first encourage compliance but will issue citations if necessary.

Eastern Jackson County residents are encouraged to report businesses or entities that are not following the local health order. Reports can be anonymous. Please use the Jackson County Health Department form for any business complaints

If you prefer to email, send an email to or you can fill out the online form directly to the Jackson County Environmental Health Office.