Jackson County receives money from State Treasurer

checkMissouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick presents County Executive Frank White with a check for more than $13,000.


Jackson County is now more than $13,000 richer thanks to the Missouri State Treasurer’s Office.

State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick said the money comes from unclaimed property. The money comes from a variety of sources including municipalities and other entities. The $13,000 is from 51 different accounts.

“You’re probably wondering how it could be that this happens to a government entity—and the answer is that when you’re dealing with thousands of partnerships and entities, things do fall through the cracks,” he said.

“This illustrates what I always say—the whole point of unclaimed property is that you don’t know it exists—even if you’re a small business or local government entity.  And that’s why you have to check the list regularly,” Fitzpatrick said.

Nearly $100 million is turned over to the Treasurer’s Office each year and one in 10 Missourians has unclaimed property. 

“In these times of budget shortfalls and unexpected expenses, we are happy to return money that rightfully belongs to individuals and even local governments,” Fitzpatrick said.

Jackson County Executive Frank White said, “It’s the best kind of money – money we didn’t even know we had.”

“We appreciate the diligence of the Treasurer Fitzpatrick and his staff, who work tirelessly to return millions in lost money to Missourians,” White said. “I encourage everyone to check for unclaimed property at ShowMeMoney.com.

The County will review the sources of the unclaimed property funds to determine where the money needs to go and how it can be used.