Associate of the Month: November 2019


Pamela O’Riley’s astute observation and quick actions recently helped save an inmate’s life at the Jackson County Corrections Center.

Pamela, a Records Administrator, was walking through intake when an inmate tried to commit suicide. He had put toilet paper over his cell to block the view from the guards. He then tried to hang himself using threads from his bed. The inmate had gone into a convulsive state when Pamela notified a sergeant which saved the man’s life.

Lead Criminal Records Supervisor Alameda Musgrave said, “Pam was paying attention to her surroundings and notified appropriate personnel when trouble struck.”

“Congratulations team we keep doing it. Three more days we are going to be 16 months with no major incident. What we are seeing with the acknowledgement of our colleague, or teammate, for her job well done is that because she is a manager here, Pam sees herself responsible for everything that happens here,” Corrections Director Diana Turner said. “If you are walking through and it is happening in this facility and you are a supervisor, you are completely responsible. Pam had just such an incident. She had a serious critical incident happening in intake. If she hadn’t taken action and brought it to somebody’s attention we could have had a really bad outcome. She saw a problem and she was all over it.”

Pamela has worked at Jackson County since May of 2016.

presentationCounty Executive Frank White, Jr., Pamela O'Riley, Corrections Director Diana Turner and County Administrator Troy Schulte.