Associate of the Month: October 2019


Jon DeVicariis provides invaluable work as Systems Administrator for the Collections Department.

Collections director Whitney Miller said, “He is the only associate in Jackson County with the knowledge and skill set to perform the functions of his job. His position requires very high level technical, mathematical and problem solving skills that only a very small percentage of the work force have. I have never seen anyone else in the County with his level of skill in this area.”

“I appreciate all of the time that he takes to not only do good work but to explain to me and to others what that work is and how it fits into what we do because it is very high level work that often times requires additional explanation when talking with folks like myself,” she said.

Jon is regularly called upon by other departments to help with their functions as they relate to Collections’ systems. He is also called upon regularly to provide guidance to the Assessment Department due to his previous work in Assessment and his significant knowledge and talent in maneuvering both systems.

He is also called upon for advice and assistance from IT and GIS. The Director of IT and the Director of Assessment have both attested that they rely upon him often and there are certain systems tasks that only he can currently perform.

In recent months Jon has worked tirelessly, spending many hours to make this billing season a success, Miller said. “He has gone above and beyond to make sure that all tax payers, including those who might be a part of the current appeal process, have the best experience that they can and get good customer service as the end of the year approaches.”

There are things would not occur without Jon and his talents, she said. One of those is the billing process in general. “I’m not convinced the tax bills would go out if we didn’t have Jon on staff.”

He has been integral in the PayIt process and building that process along with troubleshooting which is still a work in progress. “Jon really leads the charge on our end and making sure that it has happened and continues to be successful,” Miller said. “I think Jon works with Ascend every day, keeping it moving and working and helping our tax payers to the extent that it still can. He knows it as well as anybody knows it and we appreciate it.”

He is also working to ensure that bills are as accurate as possible so the people have the correct bill and that they can pay them on time by the end of the year.

Throughout the year Jon is a problem solver and comes up with ideas constantly. “Jon is a problem solver. He sees a problem and he doesn’t just bring it to my attention, he also provides solutions and gives his opinions on what solutions are best and that is really vital to our success,” Miller said.

Jon first joined the County in 2014 with the Assessment Department and transferred to Collections in February of 2017.

Jon_Whitney_FrankJon DeVicariis, Collections Director Whitney Miller and County Executive Frank White, Jr.