Public Works preparing for winter weather


With 425 miles of roads to keep clear, it takes a lot of preparation and training for the Road and Bridge Division of the Jackson County Public Works Department to be ready before winter weather hits.

Road and Bridge Administrator Jim Evans said the barns are full of salt and a salt sand mix.

“We have at or about 3,000 tons of salt, and we are still receiving sand for mix. We are currently going over snow equipment and trucks. We have training setup for Wednesday with Parks to train their staff who help plow roads for us. We will also have a dry run for our crew this week,” he said.

With Wednesday nights snow and ice crews started at 5 p.m. applying a salt and sand mixture to make sure roads were safe. During severe weather the department runs in two shifts with 16 trucks on each shift. There will also be three mechanics and a dispatcher on duty. Shifts operate midnight to noon and noon to midnight.

The department has a private weather forecasting company that provides constant updates on incoming weather so informed decisions can be made for road preparation.