Associate of the Month: September 2019


Jessica Jaqua’s dedication to the Corrections Department recently lead to her helping an elderly woman waiting to bond her son out of jail.

The woman had driven four hours and was waiting in the lobby. She was visibly upset about how long the release process could take, typically four to eight hours. Jessica took it upon herself to look into the procedures for reuniting a family and make sure that woman did not have to wait long in an unfamiliar city. She passed along updates to an officer in visitation for the woman and asked how she was doing.

This is just one of numerous examples of her exemplary work and dedication Jessica has given to her job since being hired in March of 2018.

Jessica recently switched positions from being the Records Supervisor for the jail to being a County House Arrest Case Manager. The move will allow her to spend more time with her two small children.

Corrections officer Andrew Washburn said, “She is always willing to help even on her most stressed and upsetting days. She never turns anyone away going above and beyond her duties to make sure everyone's needs are taken care of and no one is inconvenienced.”

Jessica has helped with training other staff and making sure they understand, even assisting correctional staff without hesitation or second thought. If something isn't done she takes it upon herself to fix it and make sure the issue doesn't happen again. As Recorders Supervisor she assisted in bonding procedures, property pick up and drop off, dealing with missing money and always making sure the kiosks were working.

“Jessica is always smiling and makes sure those around her are as well,” Washburn said. “She represents the best qualities we have here at Jackson County. Humility, honesty and complete integrity. Most of all the understanding of the human condition and experience.”

jaqua_whiteCounty Executive Frank White, Jr., and Jessica Jaqua.