Associate of the Month: January 2019


Irina Smirnova consistently exceeds expectations. As a Support Service Technician in the Corrections Department she is responsible for custodial work.

Support Services Supervisor Craig Mosher said, “She responds to bio-hazard spills, cleans up after floods and makes sure the public areas of the facility are presentable.”

“She is well respected for her cleaning techniques, attention to detail and responsiveness. She has received praise from many in the facility,” Mosher said.

He said, “A Captain recently commented that each time they have called for assistance of SS Smirnova she has never hesitated. When asked to complete some very overwhelming tasks from flooding to bio-hazard clean up, Smirnova has never complained and completed each task to the best of her ability.”

According to Mosher “The Department of Corrections is fortunate to have Irina Smirnova on the team. She is a tremendous asset to Support Services and well deserving of the Associate of the Month.”

Corrections Director Diana Turner said, “She has been nothing but a hardcore asset to us since she got here. If we all had Irina’s work ethic this place would glow. We are extremely grateful she is here.”

Irina immigrated to the United States from St. Petersburg Russia in 2007 and has been working for the Corrections Department for almost a year.

“I take a lot of pride in maintaining cleanliness and good appearance of my work place,” Irina said. “Helping the officers and other employees do their job in a healthy and clean environment.”

Irina said she works with a team which has given her the chance to get to know a lot of her coworkers. “Working with many amazing people from many different cultures always makes work enjoyable and pleasant."

Working at the center has given her a lot of self-confidence and she plans to continue learning, growing and working there. “I want to learn as much as I can.”

Through tears, Irina expressed that the department is a very special place for her. “You don’t know how much this means to me. My team, the administration, everybody here makes me happy and want to go to work. I am very proud of this job. For me and my son it is very important for me to have this job and this place. To me you are all family.”

AoM_GroupLegislative Chair Theresa Galvin, Irina Smirnova, Support Services Supervisor Craig Mosher, Corrections Director Diana Turner and County Executive Frank White, Jr.