Video Visitation Services


Effective November 19, 2018: Video visitation between the general public and inmates at the Jackson County Detention Center will begin for all areas. All visits, both on-site and remote, will be conducted through the video visitation system. It is imperative that the following steps are followed to schedule visits with an inmate at the Jackson County Detention Center.
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To schedule a visit:
1. Go to or use the Securus Video Visit App available on the
Apple Store or Google Play.
     a. First-time users will need to complete an online registration.
     b. To complete registration, the visitor must have an email address.
     c. Each visitor will be required to take a photo along with a government issued ID. Visits
     cannot be scheduled without completing the registration process.
2. Click the "Schedule an onsite visit" button, and find Jackson County Jail under the Missouri
state option.
3. Search for the inmate using name or inmate master ID number.
4. Select an available date and time and click "Finish".
5. Upon completion, a confirmation email will be sent containing a personal identification
number (PIN). Please print this email to bring to the facility.
6. Visitors must arrive on time for the scheduled visit. Enter the provided PIN into one of the
visitation monitors available in the jail lobby and follow the prompts to begin your visit.
7. Remote video visitations are available 8:00 AM through 5:30 PM and 6:00 PM
through 9:30 PM.
8. On-site visits are available from 8:00 AM through 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

The following are grounds for immediate termination of video visits:
•    Nudity, near nudity, or depictions of either
•    Abusive language or behavior
•    Use of a cell phone or camera within frame
•    Driving a motor vehicle (passenger in a car is acceptable)
•    Illegal drugs, paraphernalia, or depictions of either
•    Weapons or depictions of weapons

Violations of any of these will result in the following sanctions:
•  First offense: 90-days restriction of visitation privileges (on-site and remote)
•  Second offense: Permanent loss of visitation privileges (on-site and remote)
•  Other rule violations or questionable actions will be reviewed on an individual basis.