Public Safety
This will be a top priority. We succeeded in lifting the decades old Federal court order that had forced County Jail inmates to be released by a matrix system, and returned control of the jail to law enforcement and the courts where it belongs. We’re also partnering with the Sheriff and the Prosecutor to ensure that sex offender registration will also be a top County priority.

Employee Pride
We must consistently motivate, support, and reward an excellent and professional county workforce.

We will strive to govern with openness and transparency. In the past a veil of secrecy has existed over how county government operates and spends public dollars. In cooperation with the County Legislature, we are changing that. Because we do the public's business we will do everything in our power to lift that veil of secrecy surrounding business practices at the Courthouse.

For example, even though the County Charter allows the County Executive to issue no-bid professional service contracts, the County Executive has voluntarily placed new limits on that power by issuing Executive Order 07-16. Jackson County now takes open bids on all professional service contracts and reports results to the County Legislature for oversight. By voluntarily limiting this power, we hope to send a clear message that Jackson County is open for business and that the people’s business will be open for public scrutiny.

As public servants, what we spend our time and energy doing says a lot about what we care about, and a good team doesn’t just understand what to do, they understand why. That's why I have chosen these County Initiatives as our goals, and joined with our entire County workforce to achieve them.

The following initiatives come directly from the people we serve. When people approach me to talk about Jackson County, these are invariably the subjects they want to talk about. These items have the people’s attention, and that is why they have our attention.

County Initiatives
• Public Safety
• Employee Pride
• Openness
• Better Government
• Fiscal Integrity
• Ethics
• COMBAT Review
• Assessment Review
• No Bid Contract Reform
• Stadiums Oversight
• National Recruitment of Professionals
• Competitive Selection of Lobbyist

You can learn more about the Initiatives and our progress achieving them by exploring the menu on the left.

We made significant progress on all initiatives simply by adopting the 2007 Budget, and much more progress since then. My parents taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and I have learned from experience that working in public service is more than just a job. Our employees understand that we have been given a rare privilege - to make a difference in the lives of our friends and neighbors. I am proud to partner with citizens and employees alike to create a better Jackson County government. Together we will accomplish great things.


Michael D. Sanders
Jackson County Executive



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