121st Correction Officer Academy Graduation


Friday, November 3, 2017

Jackson County Detention Center celebrated the graduation of the 121st Academy Class of Correction Officers on Thursday.

JCDC Director Joe Piccinini welcomed the 19 graduates, their families and county officials to the ceremony. In his remarks, Piccinini thanked the graduates for their dedication to the safety of the inmates, the safety of the staff at the facility and for their time away from their families on the weekends and holidays.

Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker attended the graduation and welcomed the officers to the Jackson County team. “As hard jobs go, you are not alone. A lot of us have hard jobs here, and what goes along with a hard job is a rewarding day, a rewarding week, the feeling that you did something that mattered and inner pride in yourself,” said Baker. “It may seem like folks like me don’t know what you do, but I do. It may seem like folks like me don’t appreciate what it takes to go into that jail every day to face some of the dangers that you face, but I do.”

Jackson County Legislators Dan Tarwater, III, and Theresa Galvin were also in attendance. “We appreciate everything that you do and I want you to be successful,” said Galvin. Legislator Galvin has recently become a volunteer at the jail.


Piccinini welcomed the final speaker, Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr., and commended White for leading the charge on behalf of the staff at the JCDC.

“I’m a strong supporter of each and every one of you,” said White. “You’re very much appreciated and I don’t take what you guys do for a living lightly at all because I know how stressful it is.”

 “We do support you whole heartedly, we do support you choosing us as your career and whatever we can do to support you individually to enhance that career, we’re here to do that,” said White. “After talking with the staff and walking through the jail, I realize how difficult your job is… Your confidence comes from building a team with each other, it comes from me saying good things about you and our corrections facility and that’s where your strength comes from.”

Each graduate received a certificate of completion, followed by a small reception with their families and guests.