Dept. of Corrections Capital Improvements Updates

Under the leadership of County Executive Frank White, Jr., and the County Legislature great strides have been made toward improving conditions at the Jackson County Detention Center. Target areas include: infrastructure and maintenance; safety and security for staff and inmates; training and wages for Corrections Officers. After years of deferred maintenance, the County Executive is determined to be effective and efficient to get the job done right.


Building Infrastructure and Maintenance

  • Sliding Cell Doors: Repaired 488 sliding cell doors at a cost of $2,876,423.00. Start date was April 14, 2016 with completion by July 15, 2017.
  • Electronic Key Control: Electronic key control system to store and restrict access to keys at a cost of $31,247. Delivered on January 27th and installed on March 21, 2017.
  • Waste Stack Replacement: Project completed March 9, 2017 at a cost of $57,757.
  • Cell Interior Light Retrofits: Completed on June 6, 2017 at a cost of $18,000. Project consisted of installing 530 night light covers.
  • 1315 Locust-Exterior Doors: Completed – Replace entry doors, add magnetic locks on inner entry doors and enhance security features for Sheriff’s Office at a cost of $34,968.
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Department Personnel

  • Increased pay and added 12 hour shifts January 2016
  • Created career paths for Corrections Officers
  • Increased the number of total officer training hours from 8,469 hours in 2015 to 15,899 hours in 2016
  • Contracted with a new food vendor to offer healthier food menu choices in the cafeteria
  • Remodeled the Records Department including new leadership in the department


  • Hired five new Corrections managers with more than 100 years of combined corrections experience. Four of the five come from accredited correction facilities
  • Revamped pre-service training to meet ACA levels
  • Added review of oversight of the use of force process and compartmentalized department discipline to be firm, fair and consistent

Inmates and Arrestees

  • Increased inmate health service funding by $1 million each year since 2015
  • Hired an additional ten nurses and behavioral health staff
  • Expanded security in the intake area


Projects in process with funding and/or Legislative approval

  • Associate Locker Room/Med Housing Renovation: The men’s and women’s locker rooms are to be renovated. Demo ceiling, lockers, flooring, install new ceiling, paint, polish floors, install new lockers, install wrap in showers and install new lights. Seal floor/wall joints and install electronic flush valves on second floor above locker room areas. Public Works and Purchasing are working on Term and Supply General Contractor. Locker Room specs to be completed by August 1. One week for review and revisions and forwarded to Purchasing by August 8. Med Housing improvements have been approved at a cost of $135,778
  • Sally Port Floor Drains: Two garage floor drain channels have deteriorated. The supports are no longer able to hold up the grates. Drains have been shored up with wood beams so that vehicles can drive over them. Estimated cost $15,000. Funding has been approved and waiting on award of general contracting bid
  • Kitchen Flooring, Exhaust Fans and Food Prep Equipment: New flooring with new epoxy coating, current floor is pitted and peeling from the subfloor - Estimated cost $95,000. One complete rooftop exhaust fan and a motor in another need to be replaced – Estimated cost $10,000. Staff Dining Food Prep Equipment needs to be replaced – Estimated cost $142,171. Exhaust project was started on July 20 and estimated to be finished July 24. The replacement of a hand sink has been completed
  • Cameras – UPS Power Back-up: UPS devices that provide power back-up during short-term outages. Currently have three devices at a unit price of $387.51. Need an additional eight to 12 units to cover entire facility. Funding needed is $3,100 to $4,650
  • Preventative Maintenance recommended by Southern Folger: Report recommended a list of 16 items that needed immediate attention pertaining to the electrical panels, wiring and fans. Funding approved in the amount of $7,185
  • Southern Folger Service Agreement: Annual service level agreement for master control. Estimated annual cost of $17,000
  • Jail Remediation: Using existing government contract with ServPro to provide thorough cleaning/removal of graffiti of all inmate living areas. Estimated time of work is 15 weeks at a cost of $207,512. Resolution 19527 was approved by County Legislature and a meeting is being scheduled with the vendor to timeline the project