Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (or PDMP) monitors the prescribing and dispensing of schedule II-IV controlled substances to assist in the identification and prevention of prescription drug misuse and abuse. The program’s goals are to: 

  1. Improve controlled substance prescribing by providing critical information regarding a patient’s controlled substance prescription history. 
  2. Inform clinical practice by identifying patients at high-risk who would benefit from early interventions. 
  3. Reduce the number of people who misuse, abuse, or overdose while making sure patients have access to safe, effective treatment.
In late 2016, the Jackson County Legislature approved the creation of a PDMP for the county in partnership with St. Louis County. A formal signing of the partnership agreement occurred on Jan. 24, 2017. The Jackson County PDMP works closely with St. Louis County in managing the program. 

The Kansas City Health Department recently estimated that up to 26,000 people in Jackson County may be addicted to some form of prescription drugs. According to the Centers for Disease and Control, four out of five heroin users say their drug dependency began with prescription opioids. Studies show that PDMPs have reduced prescription drug overdoses by about fifty percent.

The Missouri legislature has considered PDMP legislation for the last 12 years, but has failed to pass it. Missouri is the only state in the country without such a program.


Visit to register

  • Registration guide can be found here: PDMP Registration Guide
  • All users must upload validation documentation before their registration will be processed. A list of authorized users and associated required documentation can be found here: PDMP validation documentation.

PDMP Initial Implementation Timeline

Action Effective Dates
First Dispenser Communication 1/17/2017
Data Submission Guide Release 1/17/2017
Second Dispenser Communication 2/1/2017
Third Dispenser Communication 3/1/2017
Dispenser Registration Opens 3/1/2017
Dispenser Registration Approval 3/27/2017
Test Data Submission 3/27/2017
User Registration Opens 4/4/2017
Data Submission Begins 4/10/2017
PDMP Go-Live for Users 4/25/2017

Dispenser/Data Submitter Information

A complete Data Submission Guide detailing dispenser duties and obligations under the program can be viewed here: PDMP Data Submission Guide. Dispensers can submit test data to the PDMP; instructions for test data submission can be found here: PDMP Test Data Submission.

Dispensers in subscribing counties are notified via letter: 

The PDMP Rules approved by St. Louis County Council on March 28, 2017 can be found here: PDMP Rules and Regulations.

Dispensers requesting an exemption from reporting to the PDMP must complete the Dispenser Exemption Form.

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Teesha Miller


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Program Contact Information

Contact: PDMP Coordinator
Phone: 314-615-0522
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