1. Birth Certificate

    There are 3 different locations that you can pick up a birth certificate.

  2. Death Certificate

    Once the Medical Examiner portion of the death certificate is completed, the original is sent to the funeral home for finalization and then forwarded to the Bureau of Vital Records to be filed with the State of Missouri.

  3. Marriage License

    Prior to any marriage within the State of Missouri a “Marriage License’ must be first obtained from the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds Department (or any other Recorder/Clerk’s offices located within the State of Missouri).

  4. Military Discharge Papers (DD214)

    Request for Military Discharge Papers form. The Recorder of Deeds maintains request forms for a fives from the date of the request. These request forms are not public records.

  5. Tax Receipt

    Use your tax receipt website to search for property account number, owner name, and property address.

  6. Prescription Drug Card

    There is a prescription drug card available to all Jackson County residents.