1. Assessment

    The Assessment Department is primarily responsible for the valuation of all real and personal property in Jackson County.

  2. Collection

    The Collections Department collects and accounts for approximately $870 million in tax revenues for more than 60 taxing jurisdictions, such as cities, school districts, etc., located within Jackson County.


    The Community Backed Anti-Drug Tax is utilized to "combat" drug abuse and drug-related crime in Jackson County.

  4. Communications

    The Communications Department provides public and media relation services for Jackson County.

  5. Corrections

    Learn about the Department of Corrections, search inmate databases, and learn about visitation at the County Jail.

  6. County Counselor

    An attorney, appointed by the County Executive, the County Counselor oversees an office charged with duties that include all aspects of direct legal counsel, mental health, assessment litigation, claims litigation, Legislative counsel and delinquent tax enforcement.

  7. County Legislative Auditor

    The County Auditor objectively evaluates the effectiveness of all County activities, operations, services and programs to assure compliance with the County Code as well as Missouri state statutes. The County Charter dictates that the County Auditor's position be independent of both the executive and judicial branches.

  8. County Legislative Clerk

    The County Clerk serves under the Legislative branch of Jackson County government. The Clerk provides the Legislature with administrative, research and support staff services.

  9. Economic Development

    Jackson County is a great place to grow a business and raise a family.

  10. Emergency Preparedness

    The Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Department is responsible for preparing, planning and coordinating the various agencies that respond to emergency situations within Jackson County.

  11. Ethics, Human Relations & Citizen Complaints

    The Ethics, Human Relations and Citizen Complaints office's mission is to secure and protect the individual rights of the citizens of Jackson County.

  12. Finance & Purchasing

    The Jackson County Finance Department is essentially the keeper of the County's books, paying the bills and seeking bids for contracts. The Department maintains general and secondary ledgers to record the financial position of the County's 40 different funds.

  13. Health Department

    The Jackson County Health Department provides a variety of medical services and health education/training programs to assist in the prevention of illnesses and communicable diseases.

  14. Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department has divided its basic functions into 2 units: the Employment and Compensation Unit and the Classification and Benefits Unit.

  15. Information Technology

    The Information Technology (IT) Department is responsible for the computer and telecommunication operations within Jackson County.

  16. Medical Examiner

    The Jackson County Medical Examiner's Office provides trained death investigators who will conduct scene investigations of homicides, suicides, accidental and natural deaths under our jurisdiction as determined by State Statutes.

  17. Parks + Rec

    Jackson County has one of the largest parks systems of any county in the United States. Parks + Rec maintains all those parks, but also provides recreational programs and oversight of the County's historical sites.

  18. Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

  19. Public Administrator

    The Public Administrator is an officer of the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri.

  20. Public Works

    The Public Works Department is responsible for project engineering and construction administration, building maintenance and repair, and much more.

  21. Recorder of Deeds

    The Recorder of Deeds Department serves as the official record-keeper for Jackson County. It also issues State of Missouri Marriage Licenses.

  22. Rock Island Rail Corridor Authority

    The RIRCA works on a variety of topics related to the Rock Island Corridor, including but not limited to, corridor engineering and design, legal and regulatory issues related to corridor real estate and property development, corridor maintenance, corridor safety, communications, branding regarding the corridor, federal funding procurement and administrative support.